Monday, September 19, 2016

Berth Err E! Vent!!!! For Honor, for Duty, I Bravo The Men That Did Jump, for in that moment that card clued a bore^in I knew the story of too day and why it is dial and not eh^soap's tail that swishes into a so^Oak!!!!

Shock a charge to eh^See deed as the Pier E! I.d. of what Light bulb Moment as a Switch,
that is B.D.S.M. with a Flavor??,
night the say with berth of harbor and apron strip to stars,
sewing machines to bet.see Ross therefrom Wii are related,
to compute taste off wine and syrup the tap of may.pull series.

But that is the farce!!

Again the Mountain rums with told to tell at admire ridding,
exact to same in the exchange for from Wall Street rib.beens,
now gather collection to what is bend and Market corner on it!!

There did the Purchase shoulder High the Morning Bell in Wringing,
and all that bus is full to brim a cough.fee cup of method,
at that the money is a dime to quarter to the sip stem,
a sell that propositions Well in bucket News done been Den,
the dungeon Lair at scratch The Whip oh weight the desk of cert.^ten!!!

A Bare to bowl the Statue soled to East at western ride.Ding,
owe there to steep this stream Means light harness rein and tongue to lame,
just balance business width on gamble for frets are deal ladders,
don't try to say that Futures are not not the Dollars laughter.

That is to state a Racehorse Barn the Track at what is Traces,
now on hymn knoll Hill are Read it is the crook^ked of a key,
count the word to written shoe as singing on the compass harp,
lion string of guts and cream to chalk.let an that Mar,kit,
minus 'S' to bring it back and Math the > to <,
now Ad that Up to Supper truck the Meet is froze Zen back.warred's??,
know that each growth of steak is on the Vending method,
a coin to meant the bigger cent is mark.keen what the Bent??

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