Monday, September 19, 2016

English Laughter From Lets See!!!!!

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know that in the communique each aspect is a tie to know the suit of arms,
for on grand Maher the accent clear easily a pond,
at lake of aspect in export is what to Fred & Friends to sing wherever Wii go??

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to be of great addressed and mostly to say said,
yet on this day the date of Nine a month of September,
the Nineteenth of Twenty-Sixteen a Year of comfort rumbles!!

That bell of lead to Billy Trail the goat Tea to say its Swan.Kneeing,
flight of path to idea of sigh control of what is a door!!

Oh say do that Antelope sea a gathering Giraffe,
is elephant the coffee table to discuss this eh.ssh.awe,
from coast to coast go george to Jung and library this study??,
it is simple complexity to dig the cool of Fantasia!!!

Mickey Mouse at price of Sconce that hum.Tee.dump.Tea savor,
write to keen and little.tolls know that B.D.S.M. is European too!!

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as sing that fern to rise the soar and what is E!.Gull but a foil,
the sword of destiny ore Carnaki Men it is the far to Client,
off to the races ask the apron String of what is the core to night!!

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ceiling scene to arbor.wrist than desk that to a bring??,
this is the pass Port of a bar the napkin and the ample flint,
a rock to granite parts that gear Mechanically and dew.dull.bug's for.ore'd,
ground eclectic than make that cake at what will know the ice.sing,
must be soles not lost to sound as any known would find the Pence!!

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a truth of compass breakfast Tab that in America taglined,
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for on an older post than Cry the venture rose to letter Host,
a migration of the birds and bytes that comprehension fast tour,
rather Fall good ole'boy to skirt that best of chore,ring stored!!!!!