Monday, September 19, 2016

Myth^All^Lo^Gee At The Character Of Which Beat?? The Pulse Or The Fact That A Collar Is The Hames??

Too love the Brie^Ease is to Know,
a good to morning on that sew,
each stitch that makes the chortle go to better than the M*A*S*H,
from where the said to Fast that breakfast is a Brunch for letter is touch Diner's,
each Coffee House a Donut to the best Winchell's at the speak.

Product Shins with Hostess why the Twink Key is an Ever some,
now as the country tires tell chin to strap and get a tug,
for Football Season is NFL and Turf Wars on the Sports of Sell,
NBC and MSNBC are the Spanks of eh bee see to Sea be EST,
that just ghosts Jack Tar Hotel on Van Ness.

Than the commercial of a picture the text screen as the fingered,
swipe the frame or is the phone a place that swiping's accepted though the word is off tin keen with an E!

Oop's see daze E! did the Name say towel E! tar Raw or eloquence,
may that with the dale of a magnitude of graeae ssh^is to silently Polk streets finds,
well deep as Wells the Ross stir said that flags are in the fodder,
yet that is what the Market did on the way to Hopkins,
up the Cable cars to Muni and transfer to a shift,
Union Square with Macy's known is the City of Paris.

Nice to remember the best of days that siblings went to Chinese School in Chinatown its true,
as that tunnel who would say that French was naturally a day,
now what is where on bring that chair the Student League or vista bing,
left a Mark to Fairmont truth as the Stockton Tunnel gave to cross town with a Ferry,
quick to that is Cathedral song`d to Sing is to say 'old Men',
the Lucky Strike a barside type that knew before the aft.tour.noon as what is tale but a groom,
that greats the rake to Tractor Pulls down over Feather cow Palace dirt??,
don't worry as My Mother did that show of Window its a Quill.

The rodeo of Daly City that Original Joe's is certain,
for Hof brau best is know the Taxed and order up Corned beef,
for on the roast potato there is gravy beets or salad bisque,
that is the silverware's, how does the horseradish beer to quench the thirst of drenching,
its the ease to take a seat where food is good to belly-timed and that makes it 5:00??

A twenty for hour rise was fun to know that my mother spoke,
many Men to bar and show so kind and stunning to that row,
my mother loved the Men of though however I was taught see loved,
that makes this a perfect hug to just be natural philosophy on construction of the corner-stone??,
for remodels in San Francisco only have the laws of mice,
therefrom a building may be of knew to that raft of each a spanned??,
there is this Grandfather's clause that justly says that Papa's phoned for love is in the air!!!

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