Saturday, September 24, 2016

It's These Simple Things That Make A Celebration More Than A Day

Just a note to myself as today, September 24th, 2016 I opened my fourth blog to the public to read. I just happened to begin to write another post when I noticed in stats column a shocking number by the post that I wrote just the other day. Here is the title and the link with the number of shares under my name made on google+ in the two hours from the time I changed the status from private to public, the time now is 7:53 PM on my acer and the date is listed above so I may enjoy this very different day, but all things considered I have seen these numbers on google+ plus jump to over 100,000 for a single post and within a week or so the number just disappears. However for today and the sake that its fun to see that people liked enough to share, may you also enjoy the acceptance should you measure a yard to the read of 'Standard Concert Pitch Is A = 440 Hz. As The Fork, Or, The Tuning, Is The Sound An Ear, Or The Board Off On Echo To Simply Say Conch?'

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