Saturday, September 24, 2016

This Can't Be A Sent^Sir As What Is A Clue, The Cycle Or Speak On Duh^Bait^Ding That Too, Oh Weight Aye Know Aye Know It's Just, And, Its Plain To The Fee^Old As The Regulation Ruled???

Words at the continue to the Republican Party's Candidate Tone,
is the actual of the codex as the why is that grown,
should lives in blue be understood by science,
than as the hemoglobin goes so does the oxygen say dead??

At the piece to the riddle of The Republican Candidate on Television,
the media barks like Carol Doda was just inside,
the piano bar and a story by bring,
than is that as easy as knowing that black lives matter??

What is known is as this does light to the very next chorus as lyrics do type,
when there is no oxygen those red blood cells go dark red,
 people go "blue" when hypoxia occurs and the fact is that's trued,
this is why the dead body has a 'shade of blue' or is this why The Republican Candidate carts a say???

Is it reality at almost,
a per Pole in stride of a blew that said lied??

Vie let as the Prop per Teas,
which craft made the red a pier sewn,
to level beamed balance or march Republican Talent's??

Duh pen dent on the bag Pipes of Played,
is the stride of a cent Tents an Avenue made,
does the block that on bleep in the latest big brought,
make funny or reality the Al Sharpton to caught,
or as Don King made an enormous foe^paw on the Page,
does the Pope say its Jokers or is Latin a rage??

Than is the word 'pigmentation' okay to be read,
or is that red letter the trouble be learned,
can a duh that to  Australia gone what,
History that Island and Prisons are but??

The skin of the person,
is simply the raise of a curtain,
as Will Smith did say that 'ghosting' was what??,
a movie, reality or a hint to this bangler??

what is after-birth with a hyphen??,
is it a Hi^Fen^Eight^Id at All??

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