Saturday, September 24, 2016

It's Just The Ed Sole A Ven. Show While The Show Must Go-On, I Will Sing For The Deed, For That Freedom Song, From The Blues To This Jazz^See, Speak Easy 'cause I Was Born In The U.S.A.!!!!!!

Due are the Stars touch the swing on this Hubble,
it is the seat of grace to speak as the spoke of Wheel,
in the sky it is a source,
on that is the once a lull a by core,
each persons realm.

Does not the Civilization shin to Gear at the lathe in Traveling,
as that is the great export is the portion a shock to the found,
cannot a grease oil the fee old to talk a radio,
it is more than a c.b. on a journal,
saying that this world is denial,
rivers creek to mountains glacier,
as that is the snowflake on the grasp!!

Cosmic excitement to Solar Glide,
as the plains are space width,
strong are the cents to pen and why's the equator pull,
at the Mist a do the class of Schools.

Free to mechanical Automotive,
raised in the obsolete to say to choose that soar is more than a shift,
seeping through a memory on memorized equals mathematics in equation,
add to that is the minuet of opera scene,
this world is full to the brim and wrist of 'do not do',
than is the solve to problem all ready as the has been to stride a venture out as what is that about,
well in that pail of sand as the dry storm troops its the young stars on a tipped.

Question knot and a Fathom will Talk a simple smile,
as chin-up to shoulder carriage I know it is a phew??,
it must be a dream that reality stinks to real!!!

Ask the Hold of Pitch to the Hz of eh Number's Tune,
the ton on that is the calendar of know ground to lift the piece to no puzzles sayer,
crosswords cork a tetris,
the games of life at soil,
in deep comprehension an understanding breaks to conversations on the skeet,
there on the ponds lake is the oceans bellow of ships and spake!!!

Scheduled to life on the Times in the Ages,
I have the clarification that nobody wishes a Stream to baffle the pebbles miled,
bricks come to build foot paths and troubling Walls,
is the arch of each angle only the hefty of collection??

Strike not the arms that embrace Love,
for it is the simplicity that rose complexity to show a sentence in a rowel,
the ladder of no hook to the house of ancient this is just a letter to that call,
is nigh an hour as the Eleventh is a Nine oh clock been??

Does eh ember 'E' to a whole Note of See??,
all while I spend loneliness as the case study as a library Steed of what is that Neighing,
is the postulated left to say that this world is not without the hope and the shoes,
oh banks of mud the people of this whirling mache,
paste is that sludge off method of introduction to cope??

Sadly the diagonisis from Trainers at the doctorate came,
a savant genius is what I stead,
trace fame is their gain for that is rare as I am told to counter the label,
may that brave their taste of spring to answer the water with salts peer,
it is as the Name in the Fashion,
gone to the pass at the fixed by hymn,
oh how must the mind shore to more than this land.

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