Friday, September 23, 2016

The Stables - Presidio of San Francisco were built in 1914.

My Mother Melba Mauda Meakin,
her love and her work,
may the barn of caliber be of the greatest measure and not a show on earth!!

Might that Travel the World to no conversation as the Best of Shown,
may the reality of Polo in the Park be of candor,
character to creative fashion of the Polo Field in San Francisco,
for the Presidio not a retired National Park,
I only recite that whom would be of family,
will site to what is a choice.

It is a curb piece to 815,
it is the paddocks at the stable,
it is Bercut Field,
it is the Casting Pools,
it is the Buffalo Pen,
it is Stow Lake for the Pink Popcorn,
its the beach to say the Chalet,
it is reality that knows the trail is not a Trailer however the Maverick would say its not a Movie,
for a proof and for the honor of what my mother brought to peace,
it is the fountain that an Officer spoke with authority of land,
this is what I understood,
this is what made I today even capable to be civil with a language that would otherwise be simply,

I would bring silents a brand new Blind,
the grandfather clause would teach to my children the reason for stories,
as my Uncle taught My Cousin the kick of a rifle by action,
for that and for that I just answer the officer's with ......

well that is personal now isn't it.