Friday, September 23, 2016

Who In Vest Did In The Sum More Of Love?? Said That The Year Was A Change In Its Gere?? And, To Know Of The Balance At Speaker's Off Sears??

A Blot Song on the fathom of why is the fathom a draft,
it is the depth to those lyrics that angle earnest to the Moon,
at the price of fixture to the lunch of plates,
down goes the State to the Haul E!would Lot,
oh weight,
it must be that question mark with a Luke to fresh the air with a bar napkins skunk!!!!!!

There in the choice of a name chase to owe,
it is as ease see as gosh darn and its sew,
stitch to the threads and bee Toll about,
cars on that are the beach and its throw in to sand in your shoes with a flattery too??

Wimp per the Whet land and Saxophone trout??,
fishing on bayview to the English be grown,
came bridge to hare row oh how the bright Ton trained,
gosh sheen the oil to Greek of the stage??

Long shore Mend that frost Tea and Popsicle tree Coal,
grocery french kissed and Upper leaf tiered,
sconce of that label and Main Stream a Creek??,
wise is the Tugboat to stride of the Cheers! 

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