Friday, September 23, 2016

The Enter State Hi Way Stopped To Signal, Or, Present Signed

That Soar of Sand to the Dial of Stone,
an inch touching the suns marker as the shadow graced the Tonned,
for diction to the air read is it the winds detail bought designs,
as the creek does shy to speak,
what is the fraction of oxygen at typed??

Shall that borrow flea to hip Hops of grains Aye,
asking wheats thorn to hull a grave show as the baler is wired Fell,
than does the spoke salt tongue to harvest a coats smile,
each brush is bristle or the whisper of a sleigh of grass seed??

Herbert to the Humphrey a Wall or dollars Felt,
antler of the deer at Moose in plural crickets Tiered??

Lights-up to swatch is Plaid butter to Silk,
that work of twine telling the knot of bound or bind??