Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Nursery's Wrinkle

Last night in the bearing of night I hit a status that gave dream reality and reality light.  The bring to that conversation was not the dragon on course but a human mans understanding of lift and lilts cheer.  For I have been without the touch of another human being for the time that a child would have passed from the neglect of ...... you understand the point of no return.  The state of skated formula of the dream narrowed to that exact calculation of no touch.  That at this direction of no commerce to ground via a hand or hug that the strain of stop is no longer enforceable by Human Beings negativity and chore.  That in the inevitable of Infinite change the energy of bell free is ringing clear to wave the charge on as the sway to the love of life itself joins not only a foot trace but the level of spacial formulation as an understood comprehended tangible pace.

Strip down the coordination of strike high to that scene and simple is the dimples that my smile enhanced to the thwarted life that has held me to fluster on this fasted torque of an earth dead to an engagement with the system of operation, i.e. The Universe.  For those slow borrows of mud that since have laid fun to place a bible thumping park to toll the bridge with happy go fuck the nearest drop as the necro of the sheer, I stead you a candor that thrifties your spear to a pack.  That store of the mimic  off crock and the fear that hell is the tumble and heaven is clear.  There is no fraction of dry dimes to squat, the self of a text is the debtor or let.  Should the value of timing be lied at the skeet, than rifles are empty and the bullets did scream for now the geese are not swanning and the birds all now Tweet.

OT is over-time on the clocks of a score, what more could that stand in from as the branded from lend.  Oh weight I know that is the sumps shun to pump, one for the money and two for the bumped.

Or might the loaded be ready to sail, on to the Futures of wall streets and bales.  The wire for the cruise line and a dock it for word, like to be so blunt that stars were the scarred.  To that is the breadth of ancient hop ledge, the 20's at 30's with an easy speak rear.  So on that the Grand Canyon just bellowed with greet, the river on the style that earth said its Creek.

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