Sunday, August 30, 2015

Its The Dawn Of Aquariums

For eons civilizations have attempted to contact the outer realm of space frontiers.  The inhabitants of our History keeping records have differing testimonies on witness to the accounts of success verses contested proof.  I believe that the information is for Trial in today's modern Society, as the World is a series of land masses filled with abundance of humans at lens.  The available hug or smile is readily available yet people and/or societies are so busy with their hand held factory made equipment that they have alienated the very context of the contact that in our collected history was in deed trying to achieve.

The irony seems mirror parallel.

Balance of contact between understanding and communications have now been tossed to the winds of air waves.  As the basis of a trend more and more people are making less and less physical ceremony.  The Internet connects a particular view for the formula of satisfaction and once logged in or connected to the sign in fashionable address that channel takes front row attention to the analog of part lives. Distributing the commercial formulations to a shopping barnacle of fossil repetition increases the cart to core shoulder, the only agenda driven carriage that does not brake the tongue of language so strong with muscle that it is now for the in crowds of abbreviations to cork the "Morse Coded" sent.  Should the 'Coffee House' disagree with the applied, than it is the coffee house that is hit not the satellites envelope, leaving the address with know return on a one way direction both lined, linked and supported via your next important payment of check in`d.

Responders with cycle on the perk of scream have hosted technique as the say, and value is the score.  Should the hand be filled by battery turned on in whole/complete not represent the soap/sink/rub torque than the shirt is of foundered.  Meaning that the 'Main Frame' has porridge for soup and stew for a scoop with a touching state of menu as conversation all prompted by the screen on touched.  But should the Kay why jelly be of lubricants answer than the question would not be of begging but towards the available present screw in a bolted situation of fountains.  So, in a social interaction of stools verses pigeon on the squab of cockney in that back alley dumpster of diving with rally, whom is the pork, whom is the bacon, whom is the pan fried potato and whom is delighted to say good luck and good buy.

The word 'Horror' comes to mind for the definition of the Ancient bust is as the Trojan was to the paradox of Pompeii.  Of course the stroke of the volcanic explosion that ran the civilians of Pompeii to the sea of caves and death also in addition seemed to be a talking hide.  In that is the distance of the street to that car tune playing as interruption to the commerce of a corner heard for the store, or, is it the confusion of the ear that is now the 'but' of the 'plugs' chorus, singing 'stick om up'!!