Sunday, August 30, 2015


The marrow of life bone is the richness of the greatest taste to a dog or meat eating animal in the wild.  As the animals in the exotic wild born have died and their extinction has not troubled the main stream media enough to even mark mention, the promo to such an event lines the pavement with cement.  A concrete term of agreement to bury the news of any charge to former the garbage as the meals served to the public as the best of roasts to àla cart delivered corn.

Staples to context with a milking goat for the yard, a year namely Ram on the Chinese calendar for the start.  This powder keg of Humanity puts to the plates service with a dial.  The food is layered tiers with side dish of spark.  The appetizers are the commercial with a prescription for the mark.  In and on the brunch more advertisement is the fare, and as the lunch comes with sand which choice of certainty and bred.

People form the gossip trades and invite the chorus to dinner.  The screen once kept flies at state and now its a picnics lair.  In walks the handle an arm attached to the body you once thought was a person.  The shock of the raw tender cheek to have kissed is so bible tempered it said Judas had Cage.

Prize first to the phone than to that bone then to the edge of tomorrow by shown.  Now down to the sharks that speak of a lawn for the morning is broader and the coffee got shakes, ask the ice cream factory that milked the vat for the phat.

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