Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Ever Clever On At Keen Horn

There are times in a decision when realize says to done that it is the choice off survive.  As the tender today is of ridiculous and locked to keep the state of distraction on, it is as speaking to the dead end of a worlds loud.  Tongues engage in speech like sp and pts for example of more well known and particularly today to jab a crater in that smug reaction of a NBC chair skit so many years on that hold.  From basic to back at the stage of venue it is those treasures of completes that hammers the nail home.

On that saying of ocean us to lake a forge, I stride the factor on the abbreviations mail on Tom Foolery as a present day large at get a dockers grape and keen.  To have had the satisfaction of todays turn enhances the arbor of this growing electrical charge at sentence structure to simple carriage.

For it is a foot on the stride of beach sand, the wave is as 'Serenity' would have put it, and I would have done it for any person on the troubled line of phone connections via slight.  However in light of the Movie House to theater at Operation dot grown I merely say to the ever last on that mission of impossible that the pleasure has been Tau, the exhilaration a bring and the oh lay, well, that has been the fuck of lifetimes spring.

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