Saturday, August 15, 2015


BDSM the requisition Production sports of Cam,
the Tongue is from a Verse the language Works to span,
in grace of understanding the Table folds with Care,
but in this World of dead by speck the Art has shed a Toolers loud!!

Know Men have had the Breadth of Sound no echo Darns the said,
training sincere to many lived ask gracious Nature herd,
tupe came to this Turf and nurse The calm be Scored to failure,
now the horror of leaders dine goes and Waits the hurt.

Talk to Speech the duped and Reach form to rounds in Carved,
brain palm Wind which is the pound Coin centrals Mint to sage,
Ore Ray go Know with Dish to grind moves like bay in lagoons of light,
bulbs of Shade the Titan row dives with Sense to horse!!

Riding paddle the Vibration rattled actual reality Sprouts,
grout of Hosed to Snake in Tree ain't the limber its the pout,
owe Well deep line to Water sign for Much is Much in lake,
sword of Forged times the Ages called this earth to state.

Tride & True the bridle Blue in play to Play the Opera sooth,
ignored from back to Basic fact whom Now has satchel empties??

side buy side that fountain lied and truth shed freeze for sleek,
Usurp`d a spook to Teak the Oak a flower on the Clod,
just at Mow Meant off the Though a Spring bubbled Oils logged,
wake in Swim the See Gulls delved to pigeon of the sake to loved.

Bee's sang bird to Here the sets and fountain Dones are Seal,
sharks foster to the Future knowing of the Rink,
Con ten Number stride Sixteen the Paid and take was Measured cart,
harnessed for the Tour Inn farm presently shakes brigs Alarmed.

Jester court to Law of joked wares of list with Wealthy rick`d,
a pick It fenced with harbor link to that Mat dressed it became the sphinx,
a pyramid bounced this Rust to drank the blood by rest sub limed,
bier to pix the drink of lips At last the Words of Olds and sow.

Written 8/13/2015
Time Stamped:  6.07 p.m

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