Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Hotter Forge

Too Ba the Tau in Knot an Average In Cause,
the ab Sew loot a Verse to  boot is Shoed to Horse in Irons Weld,
ask Rider of the Storm to Wind does breeze be Neet the Send,
quest of Galaxy the Universe Ole hem is Sung to Mothers earthly Trend of Finding missing lens.

Trac that to the Fast of Trot a Post on Up to Stand in bot a Webster by Design,
in define to Vlad the Case of library the Books that treat to Flew,
aunk that Also while World cools the heal to no Gate,
provision is the Class of likely In the Old owned Plate.

Registered with Sense and Moot is Commerce to the Be's,
information Travel journal the Want is formal Pea's,
trans Spelt to Communicate that blunt is Flounder band,
trick to Skeet the Eiffel crete just Ran the arms to pan`d.

In reality the shoulders Wore to pack these Heavy loads as that is life on Speaking rite,
but as the Frill beget that Bell the Ringing is Hymn at scram`d,
for in this Country the USA not one of Mint perked Crave`d,
that remarks to Cents and Tarts as Toast is All in Brand.

My Mother taught Sea of darns to Understand this bull at Pasture tending Clams,
this Oyster in the sand.

No string along to bank this Song for Sing a bit to Truth & Gong,
the Show of Theater the Fixture Movies is used to Scripts of Seams,
at that the Cinema does Stream to Real People that lived the Deem and did the Heave of Tore,
so in the Actor the Singer chlorine its Bleach is 'Soaps' of Door.

In Which Coral is the Reed that Marsh tells Dino Soar,
a Comment learned to Tack the Stern bettering the Spoon & Worm,
fishing Tails the Docks to Harbor a Pier that 39,
dg did the next best thing He provided a Great Hugged dime.

The Word deposit to Envelope that stick of Stamp to Pass ports lope,
stung is Bird to flip the Shirt that Wheres a products Bout,
to read this Conversations Curl is too Know that Minds have Route,
the Tree, the Sun, the Moon, the globe, the Fact that I have Worked it Out!!

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