Saturday, August 15, 2015

Call Om Over The Horror Rise Zen

Nature shores Her beauty by the Waves of Crashing lambs,
the Animals in Shortage the Humans seam the Sole`d,
ask Thy Counter fountain the brain inside the Bot,
is Computer fashion Ore is the Tube a Stood.

Should sky begin to Vapor that Cloud in Amongst the Film,
is Heavy Rein in Preparatory the Absent purchased line,
sands that Cast the Role quest Off to that Beach,
inch within that Grain salts to Oceans lane!!

Gulf sync do that Desert call to Crumbling Came,
did thy blame be Sun dried the Figurine to Conclave,
is preyer in Knees of violet the lily Upping horn,
tote of Brush boxed Difference cause to Creations dime.

Evolution found that Mountain a Cliff in Notes supreme`d,
painting Casper ready to Stipulations alarmed,
in Abbreviation due Names noun to the Verb,
consonant to Adverb did Chanting Make the Urn??

Ashes on the Egg stop at Albatross Island burn,
oil with that Sanging to Tell the Fodder Rigged,
boat touch Hand in Arbor same in Extracts of lived,
too Time in a Bravado religions Can't sir Stick!!

Carrot from the Garden did that Apple slice,
sauce to Orange the Peel sunburnt bye the ripe,
solder is a Ink can trust bold to Courage,
speaking Simple can Door presenting Scent to pig!!

Cow to kow the Toe sign At basic Meet to bull,
calf of that is Deer found and breathe is better shout,
a Moo a long to buffalo The Plains that grass of sweets,
blowing on the heir Waves aid whisper its a kid.

Goat of Ram did that behave to Foal this great divide,
math A mat Ticks mechanic Technical a lid,
skull to fresh Head shoulders The Chest of shield bid,
sold to Hi EST bidder Or reins that Tier a did.

Take that Photo graph Ick & Fish the gold for Priced,
as Wall Street is a Label and Quick is fixed to sites,
web of Enter Net patrol this Spider walking Silk,
jockey on the Rider a Storm with Creeks of Mid!!

Night told that Hour of Clockers shall thy Dance,
at Operation bring Up the dinner on the Out,
fried Green Tow Mate toes the fingers in a Crown`d,
turkey onto Gobbler is Hemingway inn Fig`d!!

The prune blah mush taste potato sigh it is the boiled Onions,
soy Bean to the Amish and crystal grinding Tip,
coffee in the Morning at lunch the Brunch is bridge,
now from the Sourcefulled a rinse to stock a Pi!!

Jasper is a card Game a deck of cakes with biscuits nice,
sugar added Milk tall for Cats that tied,
further More in glass and Cup sew does this Theme go Win,
whether it Wills that down the Life of Watch shows bid.

Time Stamp: 5.54 p.m.

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