Saturday, August 15, 2015

Distribute tanked to call shore`d,
a big prism to pot tarries,
age life list with a mouth of Coke cane,
on operate a rotary with paved phone`rs blare!!

Old are worths that tribe too campaign,
with grace act steady 'the study' off stair,
built with cadence a walk once a style,
now the reverb is vibrators miled.

Balance upper trust knowing the journal,
scrape an in tide at low tipped,
an^core a try angle bring ate sewer,
trash is my can`d the pole platter.

Art in muse is merely a fluke,
the hold is the land ding of caused,
by the years of estrangement & dial,
the lung goes to pen And handle a head.

Trick to the trade off little be ride,
ocean of seas And shock is a friend,
movies plight symptoms like milkshakes,
ice cream melts too spoons of a lensed.

Taught to walk far from humans,
feel the flight of users And blocks,
market on corners close for hare,
squash is the mashed with lends in a drawer.

buzz lite year the ram is the sound of the rally at Ort,
in blink to a Fin`d the shark talents a pen,
written in plane english that is the language of the give a ran,
gallop to the trace while the work is only a trait of the reality I have lived.

written yesterday finished today
Time Stamp : 5.28 am

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