Saturday, August 15, 2015

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are Not the minutes to that a Seconds degree to In Door to thrush Whistles that floor,
as earth is of Skirt to a waltz on the frame Would not the body hold the Mind to Rack,
connecting to a Shirt or the pant a long breath to In gauge remember the bodily Depth!!

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as that is the Fire of the place to a Limb is that in the Trough of the Flood latter rein,
direction of Nigh to slight of Wrist loc. sands at the Count to prints in a Talk,
ease tacking Self the negate Shun of reese Chocolates christening to kiss the Sweet set.

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course Work on Grid is that Astro Physics etching the Vernacular to Scortch,
than is Too in the all sew of As burr Free stood tanking the Ice to glacier in Hood.

Chance off to Signal green light of slight Consider a bulb and basque in the Flight,
grave Yard to Cemetary the Tomb of a Throat legs inch to footwork in buzz of a Tray`d,
service in bones as the Cross is a cramp churning belt Buckles the X and the planned.

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soap pistols Rank with Que Casper ghost movement of bowling Skulls Mal lets lice,
crawl to a grasp the Grip in a bite Snaffle the Neck less and rope the device.

Trank groan of Swallow to Manzanita Parrot,
whom is the Talk curr in the evident Pyte,
scramble Eggs the Mixture in brain,
what due Ewe have butt the Ass on a Vein.

Time Stamped: 7.58 a.m.

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