Friday, August 14, 2015

Extra Extra Wares Are the Horror

The Alder of the Read would advance to the Coin
in an Understanding of the Alph Bet I sarge the Vista,
in Obvious hobble The World has Not appreciated to Term,
instead the belly is Digested and the mind a Hood!!

Skull and the Boners of Come down the Primrose paved,
concrete to Greece the Walls of History,
missing the Edge of no Cliff note to Say,
that the globe is Snow Den and a Tree Sun is Gold!!

Creation evolved to the Faces on the Wyoming,
in Plain Field to Shoulder the Pax gained a claused,
like that Christmas gone Merry to boxing T.V.,
no ration of Biggest to the big Brain in Played!!

Giant are Titans that Computation of Mathematics,
pie in the Applesauce and Safeway to Strawberries,
does the Farm of the Founder not Consider the Consumer,
or is it the User confused for Hi Tech!!

Grant to the Roosevelt the Kennedy in Find,
cycle from Ages the Pyramid blunt laid,
fuck is the Word for the Sexual on Pear,
zipper to Pants that settle of Craig.

Listing to Set on the Smoke Camel for jeans,
than does the Eyes stair to Rape the good Fare,
in Circus of Bread the Can Sir off Raid,
air a Saul to chewin' the Barker Parade!!

Golden Gate Bridge the Sound of a Hold,
no exhaust is the Pause as the Comma goes gosh,
than did the Fast Trac consider the Bolts,
as Without the Stop Toll is the rat on a Boa!!

Touch that to saddle the coal on a burners Pro^Paned,
the Wind dough of System that charges for Rein,
in bits and the Pieces a Riddler on Scheme,
does Poet et Tree speak French or a kissers be Leaf`d.

To the fixture of Accent that Pronunciation to Calm,
Up with the Down as Cheshire is sigh,
a Cat on the Puddy Kit to Lobos Creek Fly,
buzzard in Vulture the elephant Trouts day.

Ladder to Sweat Shoppe or the Horse Muni sade,
in Professional difference the liquid is dice,
game to that Add dress and register a Soak,
22 22nd Avenue the Disappearance of lard.

Phat was the Jazz get tar for Jim Jones in Spit,
off to the Content that the City did rib,
support from the Govern Meant means that Whatever was Lib,
additional stern ask the Boaters of kid.

To the Haight on the Born and the beseech of Hollywood,
what a Joke to be laughter as the after of Yoke,
making that Scribble on scabs to a Short,
makers of crispy like that Sap on the Storm!!

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