Friday, August 14, 2015

Email from Susan Jan Hornstein, Owner of Icssoma Farms A Non-Profit for Well-Trained Horses

hi sweets
Susan Jan Hornstein   8/11/15   Flag this message  Photos
To: Set Zero

going head long into a 2 week hay drive.
have been thinking about approaching your mom as you suggested, & giving you a finders fee. could be covered through your landlord.
10% depending on how much of course, is usually standard.
we could also look at more. right now i have 10 days to secure the money.
think i have a $2500 contribution.
will need 6 donors at that level.
was thinking of asking your mom for $5k, which would put her in the "leadership role", 2500 is blue ribbon donor.
all of come w. pr.

i feel pretty creepy about this, so i have no problem not doing it.
we have to weigh would $500 be helpful now to you?

still struggling, but things feel better..
sam has been very challenging, doesn't like to be out of here, but he came by 5 times yesterday....
occasionally not at all, mostly once or twice a day.
it seems to be getting better.

mango is ready to be re.homed.
i haven't had a chance to re.write/ his ad, but as soon as the hay drive is over, or i at least cross the $11k line.
$16k is what we need.

let me know.
i will also call.
think of you often, & how you are doing.

you were beyond right about me being valued here.
working towards that being better, & careful about what i give different people. 
a long way from ideal, but getting better.

wonder if your kitty is still around. thinking she might have left for a space somewhere.
tux, our 16 yo outdoor cat died this summer, left the barn, but not too far.
we didn't see him for a week.

chow is getting old now as well.

midnite is our only barn cat who is active.

must go.

let me know your thoughts.

i will call you.
unless you want me to do it, i won't.
just creepy.

if it could cover your teeth, or give you a boost, i would.

might be away that we could make it $1k, if they gave $5k, but have to purchase the hay lst.

for now.
think of you with love.

(room is getting there. was w. in 10 hours of "almost pleasant" when a "sam attack" hit last week.
now likely 15/18, on my A list after the hay drive, & re.homing horses.
mango, spring, cash (you would love him--my favorite along w. mango), zen (another great horse), & chant.
want to have mango get a great home, as there are so few people here who can ride him.
have one now, but she needs lessons weekly on him.
kendra, my h/j gal won't be back in that capacity til winter, nothing like having a child, & having to work full time, to put one's career on hold).

this was taken last nov.
two have found homes, just mango, & zen, the grey (he is very special, 23. great horse for someone to learn on. he is big so they need a little confindence, but he is a packer.)
amina is doing well w. axl. she had a nasty fall w. a couple of breaks (at her barn).
inevitable w. her teacher, but she courageously back and going strong, & on her way to becoming a rider.

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