Friday, August 14, 2015

Lend Den John Sun

Sub limb A bull Snake ram And the Hosed,
bowls for the Cereal and Nigh LONs for Rum,
Ices in Ankle the Twisted to Heel,
cramp in a Wreck at the Verse Out the Realm.

Took ban Is stir and Dungeon Owe Slate,
bdsm is the Shoulder gone Rate,
expansion to Sex ou All difference ground ant The Spell,
stretch to that Spine ole the Sand and the Fell.

Dank in that Clock of Mec Can Icks shown Shroud,
cloak Rooms called skull drive the Syn Apt to Tau,
form Murr to whistle the Railroad on Glued,
nailing shroom Mush Coon to Rack burst ping Told held!!

Hand bark the Ring Stark a Read Would be leaf,
grapes of the rats and The Fix from the Wrapped,
tied in the Teil for the Rain Bough grown Crowd,
bust Ing to Pong on the Pack Man of long`d.

Owe Well taco Bell as the Recycle is Still,
rock Reed to Reef this Salt Water Pole,
Sear Rupt in Oblong the square Inch of Style,
dressed sincere Nile to The Staff and the Filed.

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