Friday, August 14, 2015

Whirl Lee Bird

An a Log to digit Turned the radio on a black Out touching the palm of Sting ray,
in deed to tack the horse on the Pastern A Hock is the Fetlocks joint in a Grey,
measure the Impact of Comment to Term dictation of Droolers to Talk on the Stern,
boats of crate Box in a Fine Stein in lack Is than Of the Obvious ignorance at Track.

Stupor of language Heavy to Stood making the Parking a Boston Eon brew,
soup of the Soar to birds that due Whistle,
Ups for the Weight and Stone to that Thrown.

May the Feat be of Cadence to the Sidewalks with Curb,
bits and the Chin to a Skull on the learn,
cruise Without dignity and the Weed is a bone,
crossing the Pond is a lake Fold of Tong`d.

Pinch in the Nineteen Eighty for the add Nine,
in a Snake the hose is a Line,
verse till the Absinthe is Known from the Ferry,
speech while the Crowds gossip Rinse and pick bents.

Ouch Spoke of Wheel in Sky News to Meed,
dinner on Lunch Hour the halve minute Twitch,
congress with Audience and borrow the Coin,
as the Mint on the 5 Cent piece is a Cloud.

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