Friday, August 14, 2015

Shock Raw

The Internet Media Press is reporting A Jumble first In the Serious as the Advertisements bored,
to have Known that Print News would Run to the Press setting Type-Set to Express in the Role`d,
the delivery to the Front Door or the Corner Magazine,
a Stop for the Article the Pictures Were Told!!

Shock and the Horror expressed Via Halt,
the big drawn breath that I took was a Rate,
in the Bread & Circus of the United States right Now,
one Clique for Man Sign and the Other in Rehearse.

To flag as that Matters touching rubber Band Storm,
picking up the Paper and knowing that Risk,
yet Today what is the Suffer as the Sites are Report,
what is For Sale and Whom is the Pill.

To life is the Hand Shake the Body in rot,
a melting Explosive the Brain on the Time,
forehead be Marked with Wrinkles in Furrow,
no not the reality as the Privacy unburled!!

Flights of Race in the Steeple Chaise Mile,
a gate on the left and the rite in a stile,
burning with Vid. Mind and Questions court Cue,
stick Pools of Radar and Leaves on the Shoe.

Ware is My Mind I asked to that Tell crout,
cabbage and Karo the sticky rubbed Spout,
each stuck in the silo a Mill of ill bile`d,
the Story of  The World  in the Port toll of Dow Uld.

Braid dee Bunch buckets the List on a Hymn,
salter in Pepper the perking for Sim,
pie sliced bye memorize for the Roof is a plain,
void of the Sweet Vine replacing the Crime`d.

Took touch the Palm and the Teak spoke a Spiel,
in Outer Left ankle the Ghost and the Seal,
clapping to Gull the fly and the Moth,
fire in the Skype scortch to the Marathon Tiled!!

Cement on the Sidewalks a Hoss Piss in Row,
weight implies Act^cent like A gain & A gain,
from Yore`s True Leap to Frogs on the Toad,
mushrooms in rice parking Lots on the Load.

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