Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Answer Glow Bull Warm Men On The Whoa Off Bridles & bits??

All other Countries seam to put to the rest Room of days on the NOT store,
it is a given on the Work of cadence to the Mark a State of be Inn,
the Opera of add Lib a Rot chi has brought the stagger to this Swather on the Bail??,
is the Wall Street Few stirs to Announce the nest Parade as Congress travels those Bell leaps??,
nigh the hour of Labor Daze explanation to that First Trounce on the Ought tow Mow be ole.

As the treed but to that Whiz is Cheese see??,
it is the Time on the ages that have Come to Chalice the wine as a Toe Toll glass of Shattered??,
is the Miss Sing brain to Branch of House on the Holmes of What is a Sure Loc.??,
sheep to Elephant the Sweat shops on Yank key is show When the Detroit said its A Wheel??,
shift that shaft Team to the Ewe,
lamp that Pole Chain and flush EAN to grow Sir read.

Beans and Mills mull Sigh??,
the Copper on that Pier a Mid the Gone??,
is E! gypped as What IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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