Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Care A Boo!! Who?? Who??

What a stunning dessert,
 the Trifle!!

 Makes with its multiple layers that have so many colors, 
textures and flavors. 

The English have enjoyed this dessert, 
for over three centuries now.  

Although the dictionary defines 'Trifle', 
as being something insignificant, 
this dessert is anything but. 

Its beginnings were humble as the first,
Trifles simply consisted, 
of a mixture of boiled cream, 
and a few otheringredients

It wasn't until, 
the mid 18th century,
 that the Trifle started,
 to evolve,
 into what we have today. 

This is an example of a Trifle,
 recipe from 1852,
 by Frederick Bishop,
 "The Wife's Own Book of Cookery"

 (quoted from Elizabeth David's 'An Omelette and a Glass of Wine')

'Cover the bottom of the dish with Naples biscuits, 
and macaroons broken in halves, 
wet with brandy and white wine poured over them, 
cover them with patches of raspberry jam, 
fill the dish with a good custard, 
then whip up a syllabub, 
drain the froth on a sieve, 

put it on the custard and strew comfits over all.' 

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