Wednesday, February 10, 2016

To All The Lit^Tolls A Price Can Compromise As Now That Song Summertime Has Had It's Breadth On the Dot Com To X Plane The Per^Chest.

Not to Men^knee on the Sum More Houses in the beach of sand Deed,
a lei Bore day on the Times of mull Tee Ply Kay shin is really Al ka Haul Ick`t,
for the study of that should Only take a Trill yawn Cheers!! ask Knot what your Country can Due??,
it would be a terrible Tare a bull should the An Core shell Mounds as All Mon.`d Joy!! oh for the Pear owe Pea!!

Shoe the Horse gallop the Gore Rill Awe and Dawn key a Mule to Harness and Caught^Tin!!,
oop's said the Human Forge on the rib of a Mouse Trap peanut butters and Twice`T,
dew In the Mountain and Hill Up that Stir,
rank on the Meddle and berry the News.

Why is the National Media so Syn^,
sit-*Tive?? that Words are charging a Fee??,
what is the Hand dull to the Ma sigh uh that Shipping News be Came,
exit in Tree as rat Toll shakes to The Keys!!

*List all words ending with tive, sorted by length or by how common the words are.

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