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Describe Xenophobia Thew Illustration??

The Illustrated Police News

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This article is about the defunct British newspaper. For the similarly named defunct US newspaper, see Illustrated Police News (Boston).
The Illustrated Police News
Illustrated Police News - Jack the Ripper.jpg
L. Forbes Winslow conjures up the secret actions of Jack the Ripper, from the Illustrated Police News
TypeWeekly newspaper
Ceased publication1938
The Illustrated Police News was a weekly illustrated newspaper which was one of the earliest British tabloids. It featured sensational and melodramatic reports and illustrations of murders and hangings and was a direct descendant of the execution broadsheets of the 18th century.


The Illustrated Police News was inspired by The Illustrated London News, which had been launched in 1842 and revealed that newspapers with illustrations could achieve very high sales. First published in 1864, The Illustrated Police News ceased publication in 1938.
Its standards of illustration and tone were reminiscent of an earlier publication, The Newgate Calendar, and the popular "Penny dreadfuls". It gained a reputation for sensationalism during the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888.
Around the turn of the 20th century The Illustrated Police News ran numerous articles dealing with the "alien immigration question" that promoted xenophobic attitudes and paranoia amongs its mostly working-class readership.[1]

The Illustrated Police News

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