Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Ask America which craft is the Direction of the echo of Trend Ding today??,
is it the National Media ram mean the channel of the said to men towel it Tea,
it comes in that Commercial to constant on the doom mean as the skit so *Frent Tick,
the overloaded on stress in Humanity is closet Pill owe to the Answer Trees??,
is would bark as the ruff sketchers to run the case to caged??,
does the bravo on an Elsewhere ever know of the Prescriptions that follow such dye Ug Knows cyst??.

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to treat Mint with Coinage to advert Ties meant is awfully strange for an Anchor Chair,
to sit on the Morning as the after Noon chorus Choir ring a Operation to scar the Shell??,
why is the psych Key on a News Cast ore's Theme that Catwalks now plank to Pirated??,
does not the Station to station Identification real eyes with what is a Test to text Sting??.

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so Too much is put to Plates of lye cents on the Angle of per pen dick Cue lure,
ramming down the Throat of swallow these United States with Can a duh is a procession to skew,
wiggle the puddle Rip pull the flagged and to that I have written many a good idea for STOP sign,
in California presently the Three Second Rule still applies yet is Unseen,
like that In duh Visible rank of why the Yield signal is Yell^Owe`d at this Mow^Meant!!

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break^King shoes to H bench is character put to the dip Twice to Bail lice at the Price of the Louse its Elf,
where is the In Form eh Shin Ole to go to the Local Pre-sync to Understand the Whale,
bell Owe EAN??,
again I will put to this Blog on Google, title goes with look up!!,
hour to Men it brought are the skirts that don't have the Time Means to sing a broom as a sweep Ping. 

Free Rental; to buy something from a large chain store such as Walmart or Sam's Club with every intention of returning it before the end of the 1 month full-refund period. Usually practiced when one needs something temporarily or cannot afford to keep it.