Monday, February 1, 2016

Awls Don't Watch The Knews As The Stitch In Time Saves Nine?? Or Does A Magnet Now Put To Lie Cents The Stacks As Shelves As Finds??

The strange of Electricity as It Went to the Fords on the Wind shield Wipe pers a Score,
as in the Town of core duh Ma dare eh the chase of the nothing to Every thing shore,
for the Primary was wheeled to Turn In too silent,
that Tune of the games just words of the Train,
railed and Road dead aye cent to that tum,
role aids for dumped and straight to the shine.

From that to the This on the That & the sat eh day the speak,
walking on Opera the dinner before,
waltz with the Movie a Time Machine gone rare.

Downtown the City a town I was known in On each corner Tunnels to Summed,
Sync with this carefully for this Is not for Not,
reminders of listen as the ears and the strummed!!

A Oat rye Wheat on the Milk of the bowl Salt and thy Pepper in either is marching a Toll,
interestingly there the Tree birds to Know,
fireworks boom Mi to remember the Foe.

Does the Star spangle Banner Flag to that Bridge Ask the Never for I do the Natural on ridge,
War is a Front that is preparation for Hell tuning the rafter ore sealing to bell.

Oddly the music heats up to just stink,
aye sack with icky voice that is brink.

Round on the Fountain that I've scene since My Youth,
list In to Ferry the build Ding for Truth.

A Clock Tower settle Meant to saying its Tooth,
gears on that Side Wall so weird that its Hoot,
the Blade Runner move ease certain on Sheen hops with the bun Curr to sing Hem of stem.

Quickly the answer No thats not route,
as to say that the Dungeon sang to the Paved.

Thought to the tracks of the Troll lead on Say,
standing touch Real its the base of this Board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hour to that is this In/Out of slink Key to sneak in that Peat turned to kick in once root,
grown to that sort of just in sheets off the knews,
a submarine Conscience to relax and not snooze,
riding the convo. as the letters of verse Language again there the Spot dure What is the Fare,
go instant STOP squeak nope its Boom,
with a nice touch of Neet as the ice cutlery prose.

Tax ease read light the next Car did chose,
moving on method the operation of Tows,
sew in the Mark it and Can deed as sweets,
rinse with the cycle and stink in the doze,
for the lesson on Mint jelly a roast raw and closed,
yet Once a pawn the Store read it reads like A Bose.

Essentially the bare EANs for the taught sea of rise,
why is the box a television on tacks,
what is a profile What is a feed,
grains and the buries from Bulls knock in crocks.

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