Monday, February 1, 2016

Whats Advantage??

Why do ewe go in Circles when Its A straight Line??,
the Wool of the Fleece or that Fie burr of a Sleeve??,
is the bow Awe of the land thick It to be For rest??,
wise is the language to Ba Ba . . . . . Sheep??,
whom Too say the From eh day a Week to count to Seven,
match the Math with convenient Rack and What you Got are Threads??.

What Is Sand but the Haven for the Dam??,
or is the bank to Cross rails Fact that Horses are Ask the bar??,
does the chills that crews the back not on the dress^odge of an  AC^know Rim??,
discipline Tempo standards and Sail??.

Now what is the big Bend on the Corner of the Turns ask Balanced rider whats a Seat??,
shall that just puzzle or cause a scratch does your Head say hum a sat??,
oh Wait the Cleat spoke to the Wii Ole,
wow Oop's Wow its like a grid??,
round the speak??,
directions or sit??,
legs to Heels boots and beat??.

Why do Whats bug the Pete??,
kiss Sing Judah book of Skeet??,
pigeon Gideon or is it See,
what on earth hops like Flea's??,
a bunny or the Understanding of the Goods & Leads??.

No Know don't Due,
the course is all on sand deed soon,
its An in Fest Stay shin??,
that can't dew,
but what should the Bag Balm see should the frog Not hoo^'V'??

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