Monday, February 1, 2016

Why See The Few^Churr As A Whiz^Sole??

A Tension America the Police do Knot pan Ick this Is its Beet.

Now since the National News Media channels the Done,
what say choose on the evident of camera's video on phone.

Pt. Blank is the Measure,
this is the Prose,
measure this Hard dee Lead as the Firing stun.

The Muffler Shop hand dee as My Mechanic growns,
the Thimble in the Hey Store a Lift and that Plaque!!

Slow Mow to Talk the Read of Machine,
coca-cola Wares sign as that is a True comb!!

Present Arms??,
just do the Football on the slope of those Old Timey films,
scope for the under the shield on Radio to ask the all ready of direction??,
its the Movies that bother the Theater seat,
Cleaners width Dry Clean Kneeing to the disappear Hints and laughed,
this has put Plates to the Market of Wall,
streets of the Plane lead Would Photograph good.

At the release of the come,
the express of that bulletin,
Mi^Mi^Oh^Graph Cycle as the print is so Tongue,
language with barrel the sealed with Waxed,
whom herds the simple to put stagger on SAT.??.

For the Rye Full will bale??,
the Wheat sweets a Sway??,
wise is the Wind to sigh Coal a drum,
fire in Flash??,
that perfect on stream works to put the Trajectory first to that Finger on so??,
its the Private In vest a gate to Quest chin of Magazine 'cause the letter News ABC see bee 'S' seams to Cruise,
warp on that is be be See throwing the bones,
ankles to In be See is where is that Rare??.

Mat went to Worlds farm on the Ink call While chair An core's Bravo and the peep Pull go flout,
whom fall lo's cause Tick to pulse on the Heat,
sit Tees that Prop per the dump Stirs Up to ride lathe??,
saddles went Bridles bits and the Forge,
curl Iron Feather & neigh Ole the Type??,
hour Clock min. It know that its cleat,
this is the curve ball for Pitchers And Tents.

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