Monday, February 1, 2016

Root^Awe^Beag^GAA And Eh Touch Of Class That Wondered Of A Standard That Joe Fargis Set??

To be perfectly Frank is the song of the South??,
why than does the Hover Board need to be a Plugged Inn to cell Ewe loops Wired??,
the mix of the Skateboard to ice Skate the Crowd??,
know is the skirt to the Tact a look or a Stored??.

What is the balance should the Scanner be role??,
does the Sweep of the Street Tours just that blink and Be lagged??,
as the Like on the Facebook goes tug gain to book,
how fast is the Wheels that say to Plop lend??.

Traveling the Computers to Top Laps on the Skate Board Park Tick It,
so down are the reason that the Chomp said to Fong,
back as the ghost to Casper the wisdom,
speak King and make that recovery Make teal!!

For the True and the Strong are Seal in's for Know,
the dam Age of what has gone Soup whir Read mi Piel,
that Orange of the Purr pull as a Hug said to speak,
coffee on Calf eh the Cat Toll is Creek,
that River on Cent Tents is a Pen Knee for Seed,
wise Touch the cards game as Aces are Stoop!!

Porch for the simple and complex it Tea known,
as the cliff Notes are cause Tick to pulse on the grain,
to that is the Ed dee and bounce is the Salt,
pep Per the chance??,
no its the Beet.

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