Monday, February 1, 2016

What Is Line Dried Long Deed??

Loving the Venue of the Caulk^US of these America Parades,
got to know the bearings of the Theater of Speech,
vernacular a Pry or Read to entry Duck shin,
the process of that Stage fork to the Guise of Iowa!!

Thanks for the blanket,
smoke of the pause,
to in Joy of the Morning & a Reason on the Fun,
most of the grout is the grit that steeps a tongue,
to be of the Sure on a Known from Hints to done.

Great are the X pictures to Photograph of Frame,
guilded by the Murals to Ceilings of the range,
a Cross to thermal Now no Underwear of Arm Mirror,
wheats that Sweet the Rye width the sync on extra Tum.

Decision to that Turn-Out for Wow was good for Bell,
as authority of list Ten is good to be of Sung,
congratulations Thunder lightening is the Keep,
star be of the grace to Invitation Seer.

May the Country be of growth to know both Church & State,
the Constitution so is Broke that breaking Wave is Clear,
these shores of the Coast to Coast with voice that speaks a Sheer,
fleets of Wool and lots of Crops to encourage persons cheer!!

The best of Compass to that Fire is the Registry,
with that it is the tough job of the Iowans on dear,
grateful for the lesson as that Confucius said to What,
as that big Tell gave more to late than lathes of Political queer.

The Muster is so American and for that it is always real,
to be of not forgetting the People on their Vest,
the truer find is gallantry as Forests are so weird,
clearly cutting Cook key Cuts to say that swaggers rear,
to liter ship be gallons touch Thrift tea Cores ask fine,
drills of in gauge meant to Tack this Race to Kinds.

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