Monday, February 8, 2016

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Canada is of the North pull to At placed for the Alas Can Crews,
gems on the Diamonds of Lake Tahoe to Know!!

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should the Trip to the journal deja vous??,
is the back seat to Why than the drive is a glue,
remember the Tack at the Marina in car,
round those Words or was it Said as Plane lead to Strange cent Tents in Stake`d??

Giant on thermal to Camp Ping oh Yea!! all how the Lark Spur says what is a Gone,
is the steady on the Camera still stuck in Best Foods of Bed knobs and Broom sticks to Stand??,
Bed bath & beyond a Front door to Introduction being simply what is Hello,
from the best of Show to the number and Store,
for Whom is at the Avenue of big Home to share??,
the beep or the Tell??

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