Monday, February 8, 2016

Truly What Is a Core^Tour Back??

True be Well to That Great Super bowl Sun Day for the Advertisement Trade,
to discuss the Thermal Underwears is to be At the Price A gain,
rule the System through Thorough Hot Doggie man Ewe Fact chew Hare ease,
product development on the backs to spy Knoll fluid the grab.

Did the Operation Paper Clip put to the Spread a Simplicity of The Referee??,
is the Peep whole to that Interest on Hi??,
is that the ink Lean to discover the Profit as the Feat on the actual Field of Seen??,
should the gauge say to the Taste of Spice that every foot on the Feather of play was Wall Street,
the Value on just the Bow Ness would Monster to On Now for the Now of the Now ask Now,
its Mon E! Day!!

Shall the Ref. say that every Signal was a good For Were look on the Talent shout,
the giants on the Spell lean do Priceless on the reality of the Arrow of Pt. State Mint,
the Press sure to the Pass as the Realm of certainly beyond a lap Toppers salt,
pep Purr to Or ridge A knolls and the Pitch is after In be Tell to dance Sing.

The Hour of Name game Recognition for the Chess Players on Checkers in squash Now,
how ever the Square on pie to dish Application to text Screen,
yet should the Virtue of the in Tire Season wise to that Won game is it not the reason for in Jury to come??,
is an An^Coal more on the Floor Ride to feel the Owe Limb Pick vs the oh limp product to ouch,
as the Wall stated that Tesla was boom Mean than every Time shoulders are Chorus its NFL on Speak.

The Tremendous bone US to the add Loft is a Cyst turn to now and that is down goes the cow,
milking the sugar for the past tell on that whom is the Tooner to a musical fruit.

IF the crowd Can lip this Language to the Trail dust Tours than Commerce gallop Pulls to Snot it,
IF the Chess is Endgame than the X Site Meant will Dowel US a Oak Land with Basically Back to The Stick.

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