Monday, February 8, 2016

Whats A Seal^Lean??

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is shingle indifferent to Ice Paper sound,
cuts on the Former for the Chapters of laid??,

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blood in the Vain as the Wiggle does turn,
is the shaft at the line to Twinge or sew Twinkle,
star singing giant to value the say per??.

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why is the same in exact to the first erd??,
is the come on the base stir in Place to the Lyre as that is the String of wobble be said E!??.

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is the Bill of the simple To A Maher A ka Breathing,
in that Minute on Tower in Nailed the Fact or is the Cent to the Talls a Tide shirt on Dolls??.

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each Persons arms are to Arms of just Won??,
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for the evident shack is the Can dee of Pull Ede.