Monday, February 8, 2016

Butter And Rum!!

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the dance of the Cost on this Hi Rise is at the commercial aspect of A Superbowls cause to Door,
on the In of the Thresholds is of Any thing Travels the Theme,
to that is the Men in Stripes!!

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a Ruler in the library of Whistle to be the Sure on Camera,
a hand to the rubber Band count Team??,
how do People occupy the Staple to the Pursed.

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the cross Boarding simple Steep??,
a truth to just make that dollar still Wall Street on the Suit of got a Tie??,
or has the bearing of the Built laid Habitat to the Highest big bend duh to Road the sap.

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to park those Commercial at Tents in relation is to Say waist of cream,
saddle for the Bowl tee tore taught tour of the next year on ya who??,
oh how exciting.

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Wares above the A bout to trip the journey as a Good of In vest Meant to deal cork cope.

From the Bliss Stir to the Bits,
crow the dove with the Pebble in the stow,
why is the sell on each every good promotional to have a Tide in and thirst for the Ship to Know,
a Can New!!

Place the Obvious,
enhance the littles to WOW,
mysteriously the invitation to in jaw near,
what is the Watts on the Bulb of Wonder,
quiet and possibly its the ability to be of appropriate Fund.

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