Wednesday, February 3, 2016

For All The Hear Owe's??

Time Means the rye of the Fill in a bust Stir to Answer the Flour of the lei,
as each bulb is a said to that Hall echo EAN to bye per Chase on thee crates??,
big box Store ease to Tim burr of the Cree may Shin of can Dull lit??,
lights on the shoulder??,
pack edge to Colds??,
bitter Sweets??,
straw Buries to the Workers in the Field??,
share Ease boom Box is that exact on the Shack to in gauge the Support for the Form of a Pick It Fence.

Stride to the strip and Leather a lamp with the crumbs of Crest ton,
every road to rome is the glad dee ate tore to sleeve that written scroll lure's light!!

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