Wednesday, February 3, 2016

With Out A Trace The See^Meant is Just A Bare e! Or That Cross Walks Use To Street The Fare??

Cure E! us lead to the Safeway on the Playland of Location was an Experience in a Pick it Line,
the register of a Tow Years back was the Fact that the Associates shoed a Strike,
forged in Union to the Bill on Account.

Plural to that is the Fields??,
a truth to that Radio on Broadcast??,
the Full Monty Sawn Know??
straw buries burrows this bronc.

To the factor that Earth is of vegetation to Growth of Forests and Groves,
a Eucalyptus is an Import??,
its a Balm??
its A Wind Break??,
or is that Brake??,
what is Who on How is Win with the Joint on the Wheel being the Big bends of Social dee Nigh all??.

Shall the Chalk a Let be of the dipped Twice to rice is the Soak than a Sack Raw Meant toe on Conch??,
is the Ear to that Corn the Plug of For get as the Morrow is Cruise with Loop per Move ease on Kong??,
so chew the Shank??,
link a Soup to that Trip on the Repeat to Theater of Sigh In Tall Oh Gee??,
raise that Matter to the Brain??,
Weight on the Symbol of the Grade on Debt than Lift is Tax ease to rubber burning Say^Ore,
get E! nut to A corner Store and Write to the Envelope addressed to the Crop,
than make that Fur Toll wriggle and Boop bet^Tea on Table and A sauce Sir from Milk??.

Sew Shall the Dance be of Wall T`z than the Smoke Keen drum did the Big bobble Fuse,
throwing that Ankle to the Fits in a Chair an core that Shown on In Bee See as the Skit.

Cheese and Tore Neigh Dough WHAT??.
know Wait that Musk choose Straight to the Thermal Under wares,
cool Chills to goose Pebbles bumps,
the blank on the Blooper to Can did Camera for Trunk,
chess Tour of stir Ring circle be lined Masque care uh with a bit taste of Spice on the Sting.

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