Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Sigh^Burr Eh^Tack On Its More Than A Fee^Lean??

Talk Radio on the Night Fact or done show had Had a Really Interesting enter View of With Crews,
truth be Known that Sure did the balm for a Laps on the tug a bout to Comp. a T`ish Shins borke,
as That Paul A See was the Choir on T. Shoes The Term Life of Station`d made Muster duck.

To be on the leaf of this Table the Obvious would have to be Wares of My Mother and her Hymn knoll,
the Dining Room score to those dressing the Cork??,
or what is a leaves Compass to the direction of Fitting??,
Oh for the Memories of Chess to that Complete In Tire of Whole,
true to My big Brother & his define of Watt,
the dictionary and the Breeze.

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