Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Remember Medley's??

Awe is the stretch of the dawn in a wonder as the evening came to deliver a store,
it is the stars on their leave that per happens these journeys to know of all those Space galaxies stack,
side bye side to reason of Goods these chores touch chin footwork as the grid and the cored,
app. to the Pole land and a bit of Sweets loop,
just as it is Marks a check off in clue.

Preparation from travel lean to this born on the shoe,
Prism cork Corridor with no echo of Board,
chance on these words to a pause for the Crane than on that Tacks ease its the doors shut tours sand dumb.

Listen to the Ocean as the roar is a school,
calm to through storms just to swoosh on the scoop,
enjoy the fabric of sun on the moon,
shadows and rein bows to bridles at Schooners and Shipping knews Crew`d.

Did that pebble say stone or was the glass full Up drink`d,
filled with the Al Cole Haul that Hitched to your Seat,
was the girth of your bell lee so Indicative sleep,
that eyes can knot blink like the Shutters of creeks,
over Hill & score the Sail or this Bridge to the Slat,
ledge chore to Cob blurs this is a P.O.A.!! on knowing the Read would trans Fir to Birch.

Love In the Morning and SKU to the eh day??,
no for that certain is to wise heads to crate,
than this is the Know to in gauge each word with prized,
every smile is exception and that grins to the night,
piece full to Puzzle the Riddle of whole,
whom is the Bask it and Who is its summed.

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