Sunday, August 14, 2016

Creen Call Clause Gives A Greeting Knot Eh Munch

There in the side of breath,
a bell,
lo the grasp of universe as the cosmic talks to wise a galaxy chalk,
once the balance beam Means to stretch in simple light!!

Each brass of Instrument the Suns at Moons converse,
communication off planet.

To guide of darkness is the sphere a ball,
does that matter to develop,
photo with a frames lit,
harnessed buy said gravitational poles as the earth speaks of dirt.

Brushes express the Sky,
painting in rock and gold the silver at element of Mankind in say,
stalk of Reed to bog of Marsh!!

Muds Dried??,
well at the place is a see spell.lean Vocals of throat,
the groan of ether to Volcano,
mortals shock to molt.Tin,
the cost of cork.

Scene asking in gentle a peeled is the guard dun,
up in that stars graph of direction to sleigh such maps of feather,
sweeping from the grasp oh for the knocks,
it became a song.

Singing wide to ever Ready,
this is the sound of thunder on only lighting,
in the second count to ground people grazed.

Pasture to such fantastic journey,
the cosmic rein,
owe how for the wisdom of comprehension enveloped this list of stay,
frost on the ice to explain hot sums to ample the eclectic slang.

Cents to Mint while Stories lock at the Change,
the wonder of Men at thought to state the tiers in Irons hands.

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