Sunday, August 14, 2016

Must Be Hugh^Mid^It^Tee!!!

Whipping rein in the Milky Way asks not the Fathom,
this is not the fry of suns spider to web.bure,
denial is this Human Earth of character to scribe a Freeze.Zing nature to lab!!

Green is the color,
grass is the coil,
oh is the you.tour.rust,
ankles the bell.

Range is the Cook cool lures lapse,
ink speaks of history to talk a tale as the paints dry to smudge,
each perk is coffee.

Grinding grants that rocks in the Stones of mountains at The Valley of neigh.oles!!,
champion on the horse is the fly on the Men of pants??

What is the light bulb,
a dial of the switch to stick a lamp boast??,
did that lift to the Uber make for Made-in off a Club of luck.key,
ain't that just the lean.gwist!!

Trail once the Streets,
alleys on the dump.stirred,
Mankind grace,
owe for the Writ ten,
counting at the fodder to squirrel only 'X' it,
such Hare row when that the Turtle.Neck is Nape.pulls!!!

Deep in that is the shirts of thirst to wise is the grief,
raised in the days of albatross,
ships and the lanes to say that orphan growed a bet.tour place,
it is nigh.ole??,
nope it is the best of speech to riddle the poet.tree to a balance of the ride,
a walk.keen!!

Ground to that surround of environment it is Times in the rafter on the Fleets,
ducks and geese that Meese are the Moose is aunk,
it is the pier a mid,
that Sphinx on the long Coast,
a bridge that reality wall.up's to fee.ole only the breeze,
owe for the Winds at the North Viking to be of the Crest at Hello!!!

There is the Ocean and that is the Voyage,
great Ports across the Cosmos to be on the leads,
edge of baste does the Jacob laugh or lean to say its a Job??;
pronunciation afforded buy the guide too grid this a bisque is once upon the fay.ole!!!

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