Sunday, August 14, 2016

Galaxy Once E! ^Ray^Sirs Scene Now Know The Flag As (A) Pull To Say 'Whats.Up dock' How's The Meel???

The Watch,
the avenue of minutiae from religion on the hem,
is it the dye.Mon's on once a pawn the store.reed,
does it march to the theme,
should the aisle puke a bark,
is it the lyrics of a raise,
shall the walk be chills of under ground developed,
should the people pew it darks the marrow's curtain,
blinking slightly to post a pixel,
each dot to dot a framer,
the fragile and uncleaned??.

Can that be a bill lure to tack of all Mankind in daisy clover,
is grass on that sway to say to commercial Bail,
is the twine between the Ears of corn eh cope pea uh,
did that verse enhance you to speak ginger,
was that bee Con perhaps your faster tree??

Branch is what to light the Harnessed lathe,
is the gargoyle fresh to era Scream,
paint that shed to tools of language width the Verb to Noun in bean,
magic asks the prejudice,
dew to mountain stream.

Rivers clank to logs of rumble,
down touch Ocean it is a wave to hello this Age of anguish,
sands tread??

Is it Knot to sped of float Means,
redwoods as can^knew!!

Stock of vapor clouds that rein with all breadth,
should ground just freeze or cross the fields seeding with water for the Maple,
syrup is sewn sticky as the tap is more to diced.

Butter in the turn,
miles from the floss,
Wire is know lawn to Spake!!

Spice is freshly paper as Technology docks to pi Lots,
it is the spreading of Shrike at the price of Flattery to,
this is the term.Men.knoll.lo.gee at the earth of pieces??

Cheese is in the Lime,
a goat trail to the horses neigh.ole,
hoofs that grew to talk with sigh,
it is the calm shock to edge note as no-cliff only the rote apron of level.lean!!

Harvest how is why on lips of Edition to more's Code,
down with the spent to rapids river,
the Valley of Grand Canyons yet!!!

Surely the trial of language will Meet a face to speak a Clue,
it varies with each to every bloody gun,
hugs are at Wall Street and the Charts are own Earner's as to tip the Shipping lanes,
just that shape off a galaxy on there free-flight to ever Snide,
that is the Teak at the Human port of what eh conversation Treasures in panned.

Heave to the froze for the stuck hour is on the Clock,
punch is the click to thumbs-up thumbs care.ridge,
people plywood. 

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