Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Olympics We're For Gold^Inn War To Persuade Piece Or A^Warred Medals As Eh Stay^Age^Duh E!^Vent!!!

The Circa be Knot,
ask gradual desire to freeze at the anchors of the cortices lined,
is the mask of operation at the application to sneak a peter as the rock salt of brines,
each cough is fin a gain to breathe the balance of blunts talk,
it said too touch,
the skirt to the tailors nail to cobbler the lathe of dial,
a sops snail is the best of Turing!!

Bring down the Feather for the chart off Sphere,
east is the star sky,
less is the human at the chalks,
outline to scribble the scrabble just is feast.sting,
grace inhabit to bellow a steep!!

Change direction for Reason not for Crocks,
as the Hippo is of ancient Elephant so is the Lion on the roars of Valley Echo,
Mountain buffalo are in the Numbers of The Plains on ghosts Machines,
to circus explain,
such avenue of Men??,
than why is the exit only on the earn??.

Providence is sewn Locked??,
the key is the gauge of flowers to the door of regulate??,
whoa^MAN watts to the Bulb,
seasons of a gallantry to that subliminal thought??.

Tree to the structure for the ring a round the rose.see,
dance with the square till the pier a mid thrust fogs,
is glasses on the knows??.

Trail of that is the Theater of whom the Dali Lama??,
did the Priest sell to the bye.bowl mix vs's??,
what is it on the technology that grasps such long line.kneeing??.

For the Turn.Key of Stile??
Wares of the Fathom of level.lean to bought Talk??,
communication is nigh short to beaches of

Therefore the stream on the river is a pebbles mile,
that grain of salt.tea sand in the wave of a beautiful smile,
waste is mere streaker to that trotting tiled,
being that breaking file,
brings stride to the print and a foots step to that inch be rule.lure??,
than why is the pew of skunk on the stink of incense that springs to the guilt.tee club of churches eek??.

What Knots to that sped duh numb a rate tour,
walking dust to speak ash is as the grave shingle tombs a stuck,
it is the spice on the Wind in the breeze that grace is brought to that flight of last.Tour!!

Oh for the mice in the mouse of Click to thumb,
list to that is the gossip of threads,
raise to hug a friend in the style of what is love and grass will brake the gargantuan beak,
language shall enhance the lips to deliver more than say,
a conversation on the shout will trade to the wisdom of a tale,
all in the kale of cabbage like a cucumber ray.ole!!!

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