Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mull Lock!!!!!!

Secretary of State George Shultz (in the dark shirt on the plane ramp) arrived in Santa Rosa on an Air Force jet en route to the Bohemian Grove Friday, July 22, 1988. Traveling with Shultz was then National Security Advisor Colin Powell. This was before Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and before the Gulf War. Shultz is affiliated with the "Mandalay" camp at the Bohemian Grove and attended the summer gatherings while serving as Secretary of State.

October 27th, 2016 at 11:07 am

The U.S.A. Has not done a study on how much the cellphone has actually cost the economy.  On one subject the big sell of ordering online however what not one person has said is how much business is lost just by a person walking by a shop on the street.  The dollar to the coin is being sucked in a bigger vacuum as what begins will not end for the subject will just flower into only the tread.  For a Shop Keeper to grasp the finish of such dollars gone is to realize that the Shop Keepers themselves are held to and behind the laptop/monitor in their challenge.

The easier fix to a quick and certainly a big dollar wide would be to create an application in private that would ring a persons cellphone just as they were at your store front and have it provide an undeniable byte that says more than hello.  To in gauge with a persons mind on such a level will immediately spark the file of the brain to record your shop.  I wonder whom will fire that application up first??  Of course the idea is more advanced than this simple notation on the matter but to hold at this both reminds and says to simply recorded for sake.

The function would work along the lines of the method of not a trip-line, rather a metal detector.  With the rate of function working to that coupon or 50% off effect.  The basic find to the 1950's updated to accommodate the Shop Keeper's challenge of only getting that person's foot in the door.  With the cellphone and the remote capability to trigger such a gasp would only harness the bridle at the bit to rein the foot to a bet walk.  The law would not be on any breakage as what is a Barker and how is that able to be on the thresholds scene should the law of interruption not be of legal origin.  Therefore the application/program would grandfather in to any city/town to perfect the counter with a now as a clause!!