Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The National Media's Function Is Not To Care About Your Self A Steam For The Real For^Play Off Politics Or What Is Pole^Lit^Tick^Coal Venture^Ring??

Energy a fascinating subject!! People know it is present however it cannot not be seen, just as the substance of this write?? No.

October 26th at 5:30 pm or so I wrote a tier to speak a Volume!!

My mother told me so many times while growing-up that when I went out into the world to make my way that people would just use me and toss me away like the trash when their done.  However she said that it would not be in the way that they could not come back and use me again. Hindsight being 20/20 for all whom are aware of strange happenings, my mother seemed to have practiced this one on me the most.  However that is not the point.  My mother has called me in the past couple of years just not with as much vigor.  So any person that calls to tell me how she is doing please accept this with as much salt as you can possibly muster as my mother is a venture not a mark.

My siblings are wonderful counters to what is a coin. Would  it not be strange if persons just called to get a grain of salt to sand their feather of a scratch for the coin in a  clock.  For the fact that the silents is board and decision has brought lessons from just being alive I have not put pen to witness much of anything as why bother.

Many people I knew growing-up would party while I had decided to take a different path and I chose to work really hard, i.e. you know, that American Dream??  I really went for it, because I was raised to believe that it was real.

As just being a person living life and attempting to achieve the above I have  have been surrounded by so much and in addition particular type of people.  Oddly these people would do what is self-professing, of course that was after the fact and probably so they could accomplish the above by telling me that they were working on themselves and would not be of that character anymore all while they are walking away, slamming doors and/or loading all my stuff into their cars, it was weird to say the least (note my older sister in Texas: A story blip in one of my blogs).  Now the type of people that people claimed to be in lot, pathological liars, malignant narcissists, covert narcissists, narcissists, etc., plus I believe that you can understand the point.

Now to the candor of this message to whom I know has said that they have problems with telling lies.  Each of my children has pointed to the other one and said they are telling lies to gain my favor and that would be normal should you all be five years old, however now it is just fact.  You have 'cause in's and altogether that makes 'the 'cause in' a grand and wonderful affair of minds that can come together and embrace each other?? The challenges??  Together all of you, and there are a bunch of you can decide to become grand individuals by supporting each other??

So to that entire write saying Hello Rebecca, it is the honest at what is the leader of the chest.  As that is such a board game it is Shareshton and Clydey and Johno and Lauren and Kathleen and Kelsey and all of their step-siblings together that gives  what I wrote the note to the matter of comprehension.

The subject brought The Champagne to each of you and the reality of what is not conjecture. To that fact that particular people have laughed, and left discovery to only note as gossip and used the tread to passport a conversation of such I say, more power to you as that is a great find for the dinner's I know that you have had with others (another commonly used word on the national news).

Now to put to your day another wonder of the world, Geemie, my mother what an incredible teach too.  Oh for the grace of my mother as how she loves all of  her grandchildren, however as I know so much is on the edge of her name now say Tottsie as that is the nickname that I whaled to the roam of my life in real sewn.  Allow this slow choice of verb to noun to register with her grandchildren as my grandfather gave her that bit of grain to sing the Great Depression of what is a grave to a Yard as humanity is the contagion of the Flew today, kind of cool.lean to taught or Sea.

Just say that life is knowing that love is showing more than a brisk sweep to gather the leaves, it is the promise of my life to hers at a time before you could understand while my older sister was ripping her apart and while we walked downtown in San Francisco at Union Square, funny how that went to the dimes after the ring all in a year of bing, bing, bing.

October 26th, 2016 at 5:22pm

The liar's that have been a constant in my life,
the fact that many persons have used me for charging leans to dollars from cruels,
a basket full to brim of how bad it is to be kept in the fee's,
a regard for this had been lyric's to the song for so long,
it is difficult on each day to talk a face value,
apron counts to strings that people have attached to my balance of frame.

Whether it is the chore to comprise their chart to just a coin,
or the measure of how to be sure I never do gain a truth,
people on vast trails consistently rise to only pushers of such rides.

I wonder to the faces in silents as over the phone its not the change grain,
for until the persons are eye to shoulder,
the lie continues for the form,
this is the reason why I am alone,
as it is that face to place that makes all the library come to a chapter of book with one single look.

It is as the fill-in the blank comes in rattles and parked,
for that compass its different to think on a thought of girth,
again I question a speak at a spoke,
history has proven that it provides.

I travel in quiet to what is the paddle??,
I journal a note for the feed of the bottle??,
I say that it's this as the that is the other??,
I'm honest in blink to know of historical snyc.

The tears are in myself in the depth of this oar,
for on the telephone I take things with a shake??,
for the salt on these wounds are deep and don't move,
after that it is clocked like a skunk with a knack,
grace be mine for habits bear signs,
may the darkness of lie's become more than just die,
might the letters that were written in tied with more ribbons,
find a Pandora that may explain this big sand,
as my heart is harmed to a brace kept on once,
it's the upon the story that makes the entire event more than the dealt??

Copious amount of what is a rock,
the pebbles of mountains and valleys for store,
corner a peek and speak to that river,
tears on my insides will fill this a bigger,
for it is the change that I hope finds me more than a dump,
that people will see I would like to be loved,
just as I am with no dollar signs boned.

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