Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This Is That And That Is Tisk Tisk Than What Is Choice To Ewe Who??

October 26th, 2016 at 8:28 am

The tread of humanity of the hundreds of years to a thousand year part is aspirin to the dowel on the ladder's laptop.  To computer on the send to the registered of address has brought nothing??  The note to a conversation after the vehicle of entry had street which is before the grade made a plan to the blueprint of a sit deed has in reality robbed the mind of Mankind.  Dark letterhead to the hand style of death of a sails Men??  What is that flat world mentality that has systematically charted nothing??  Not on the grim of fair E! Tales.  As the National Media scopes to the tack of harnessing stolen mail will it be in the reach of grasping the United States on the greatest Train Robbery of this charter country as how does freedom ring??

Sharp details on more than chorus see crest of political trail misers have gold to the ground and do not toil the Sounds as saying that the brave are not human??  The inside information being of grace to a World on such glacier is more to the discussion of shoes and minute timers that seem to not comprehend the balance of a country that built more in the first hundred years than more countries could dream in a months' evening.

Part of the verse for wise is to define wisdom?? Then what is the why write to a theme.

Shovel what??  Persons of other barricaded countries of stagnate depth have readily supplicated a bigger frame as the Pope of Rome clovers to the sway of his value of new revelation just the other day, saying that cremation is okay but don't scatter those ashes.  This process that envelopes until the level brings more money to the fact for the special recognition needed ⇵ to keep the religion in the business of whom ⇵ delivers the graph ⏩We the People!! ⟲said in irony not rude strike to any chiller or feature, this is done for the gravel effect of how religions grain to the wind and also to the storms swage ⇵ or sway ate.  As in history people have forgotten the vocal pitch of extreme on the cause to more than not less than the gossip??  Know that the bell throw of a clang as the countryside heard to a listen and a collect run to the aspect of such a dish.  In that even the television now is pi strapping the human ear to both shows and commercial part as to put either stagger or sweets to the actual picture of the blink.  Should only the rumble, write to a tone, the impact of bearing to that compass would not have that emotional module to play the voice strings going to the head??  Much I process with dividing even this text to what is the bother to write an idea of ducks and feather that goose to the gander of ink at a Moose in the tide.

Travel the Moons of a Sun on the foot of denial and the ground lugs to the sand,
as the wave of the ocean begins to grow what is the storm of the height,
is it natural to what is the erosion from under the sea,
or does the balance of Time bring Ages to a bridge as a breeze,
can that rock that was rich with minerals repaired,
yes is the answer as the element rice.

Ship to a beach and know of the reef,
for on any cobbler the mile is lead,
to guide of the charts of shoes and the tides does portion envelope a ladle or choice??

Shards to that is the floating lumber of crashed or is it sync in shipping lanes,
rose to the flour or is it the read wood tree to know of the grove at stern,
does not the names alone by value of giants say to the people beacons not banquets??

The supper to dinner to breakfast at lunch,
an hour in have to say that minutes are notes,
these are more fin to what is a grown,
knowing the whale of more than books and day trades,
aye say period but what of the question mark,
it will truss a branch to Romans planned at 8 and a Hand!!

translation is Romans 8:4 in the book that I have yet to write but would somehow like to show such without being of the preach in and of itself, for I would like the balance of so much to be able to find a common ground on the learning of more, just not sure how to do that part.  For now I am going to look up Romans 8:4 to inquire to the riddle and its meaning as that is the way that I have been doing it thus far for myself as I have no guidance on this process or better put the reality of being just being human!!