Wednesday, November 23, 2016


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November 9th, 2016 at 3:28 PM

Listen to the Jam of the Media Nationals at the door of this threshold of More,
hear the day of November 9th and the year is Two-thousand Sixteen,
double the barf to a range as a kid with the banging at the floor-ride,
the house on Eight-Fifteen at Eight-Eleven window You-Who,
owe fore the answer as this counts to the app.pull cart,
to stride with the stick at was a key???

Those Anchors on the Chairs,
mastering the bait and Tackle??,
what is the game on the country for??,
the brain!!

Connect Shin to what has gone to the whale of Sale,
talk a bout,
calm a sort to file the shred all on live television with the skeet at this countries lens,
eye-balls blinking back those Feds and yet the Feds is the Media scratching the mind of the American flutters,
shades that stride to what is that now??,
it is exact of the speak as what is research for those international details,
the vista of being their pay stop to more is rumble for the harness of set tolled!!

The shift of now is the hefty bags of carts that nobody says the media has not names??,
the religious bellow of chimney on confession,
that previous to the echo of the tunes makes not a knows??,
bank to kingship chess brand and checker chord,
wording to thimble the biggest vast of vase to paint a store,
Windows with Screens now IM^tea whom on the Canyons of be Leff^if??,
the 'morrow??

The steal of mention does not division to the subtraction of their cause,
it ramps to tuck the skirt to the drapes of curtains??,
nothing drawn step it just grains??,

The burn.kneed bust a statute of enter gnash shin knoll law as case.scene,
this is the reality of why the media plays substance stiled music to in tie^Ice,
it has graveled the piss.toll to rye^fold,
this will be their bravo!!!!

Found the match to this write I only posted the evidence on my 16 November 2016 post on this google blog The Secret of the Universe is Choice; know decision.  It is the picture of the rubble and is exact to and 'for thought of study' clause.