Monday, August 10, 2015

Chronicle Of The Hoarse

Some statute of the precognitive role in that is the true syn of a math it mat it coal,
as the burn of the shred is of terror on the slow What than is the glean kneeing,
towards Whom is how at the Conversation topper,
a bucket List in this is that Dining room low,
a taster of the Baste in that is the pitch Owe for the ankle that tongue of a Grow.

Beast is that in blankets of Smoke,
singer on that is the Hark harnessed of brass,
shine E is the Piano and the Merry go round,
that is the Muse ick of the Prance pockets pound.

So close to Ex^Act the theater gone Piece,
land ding on the Pie lot and the Poe tate Toes show,
teak is Not the Manzanita of the Parrot,
yet on the Hard would it is the Grip of Too day`d!!

Barker on the Corner money in the Slope,
slip and Slide the see Mint and speak the seat a Ride,
bridle on the bit or Is the Horse a jump,
talking in the Saddled and bring the fact ore Rump!!

Stick to that is the Marble gone a Rye,
wheat is that Straw span and the Wicker ain't a Tanned,
mule buy Side the Buff a lo presenting from Sin sear,
alouette is a kiss cheeking bust to Kipped!!

Ole tarry Mic the Wie Fie or the Fee in fiddled Mile,
a second hand to third Man out What is the purr fit called,
dial Zest and branch the Best to teach the Tailor small,
be leave if Ewe want Too fore that is very test.

Won to three bee sting the Wofford gots a Cue,
the Water Jump that Stadium the Course of Tracks and Stile,
is that Paddock or the Stall this medicine say Sugar,
to the grain of feather rein a Carrot with the Tier!!

Shake good oh paddy Wag the dogs are barking Clear,
now on the give of August Nights does the Fella frighten,
as I do know that Pony show and the P.O.A.,
the story Time to fine the dime is liberty of lift.

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